serial acoustics

Build a tower in which each room is designed with a random and unique combination of acoustic parameters covering a wide range of values. The rooms are arranged like a three dimensional sudoku grid, so that summing the acoustic parameters of each room either on a single floor or on a vertical column, a flat frequency response and an average reverberation time of 0.7 sec is obtained. Walk thought the building blindfolded and wearing tap-dance shoes.  - Matteo Marangoni

Never Gonna Give You Up

Three girls grilling on the 4th of July. - Dean Rosenthal


Put a recorder in the windowsill before you go to sleep.  Program the recorder for sunrise.  Collect the first sounds of the day. - Karin Rosenthal

Solo Voce

The last time in history that only one piece of recorded audio was being played anywhere on the globe. - Isaac Linder


sound of extreme pressure, 10000 meter or above the ocean. - Igal Nassima

Cold Falling On A Microphone

A microphone [preferably an AKG 3000] is warmed to 15degrees C. After transportation in an insulated box, it is connected to a digital recorder and placed inside Morden Tower during the months of December and January. A complete recording lasting 2 months is then played back on external speakers outside Morden Tower during the months of June and July. - Paul Kelly

The sounds my ears make as they hear sounds that exist. - Sean Smith

imagined recording of the cat

a close-up recording of the cat - Charles Benton


Coins suspended in globs of Vaseline. Light vibrates through.
(The sound of auto-correct turning vaseline to Vaseline.) - Miles Pflanz

Terrestrially Enveloped Ear

In the style of an acoustic mirror or ‘whisper dish’, a hollow concrete sphere will be constructed to enclose the entire globe at a distance of 50-60km from the surface of the Earth. -Isaac Linder

J. Reus

Rig up 100 cyclists up with 100 discharged lead-acid car batteries and recharging circuits via a basic front-wheel dynamo. Run a single day race of 200km. Remove the batteries and use them to power a concert of electronic music for as long as there is still energy in the batteries. Repeat for different genres of amplified music. - Jonathan Reus

Reflection Synthesis

Arrange an outward spiral of vertical (wooden, metal) slats in a large outdoor space. The heights of the slats correspond to the values of consecutive samples in an audio recording. When an impulse sound (clap, gunshot) is fired from the center of the spiral, its expanding sound wave would be reflected piecemeal by the slats, back towards the center, resynthesizing the original audio recording. - Tristan Perich


What does my utterance sound like to the bearing that supports my weight? - Ko Le Chen

I experienced only what i saw and imagined what i could not hear

Shortly after my mother died, i went through some of her cardboard memory cartons and found a short story i wrote in high school [1949 or 1950].  It was a description of a chamber music concert some time in the future [i suppose].  It was an evening of late Beethoven string quartets.  The performance was in progress when I entered the concert hall.  The audience faced four musicians who were on the stage.  Everyone, musicians and audience, sat on wooden chairs with wooden armrests.  Metal tubes were attached to the armrests that fitted over the arms of the musicians and each member of the audience. Also, attached to each chair, was a metal headband worn by each person.  The head band and the arm tubes were wired so that the musician’s chairs ‘transmitted’ to the audience chairs.  The musicians played the music in their minds and the resulting string quartet music went directly to each member of the audience. I experienced only what i saw and imagined what i could not hear. - Morton Subotnick

shitty sunday

monday is a terible day but sunday as well… No one likes sunday. no one knows what to do with it/ on it…Except fo the people who have kids, families, obligations,…not enough time for their own life…
recording sound in a living room let´s say of people who “hate” sundays. For 24 hours, the whole sunday. Then getting an exhibition space with a lot of smaller spaces/sections, in each playing one track and putting on display some typical things from/for that living room or it´s owner. Playing it in real time…
seeing this,we realize we are far away from being alone in hating the sunday,being bored and lost on the day that made sense for years, when we were small…
realizing no one has a better plan for that shitty sunday that is haunting us over and over again
- Maja B

After Christof Migone, E.g.: As Palestine As Possible and Joseph Kosuth E.g.: Art as idea as idea
Image: Bernhard Garnicnig - Memochrome 39